Now Only $1,199! CALL 253-931-5129 TO ORDER. FREE SHIPPING Our compact round trampoline is suitable for little jumpers and smaller backyards. Designed with plenty of jumping room, this trampoline is the perfect outdoor toy that will make your kids want to stay at home and play. Not only will they want to jump for hours, it's also a fun activity for the whole family.

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Size of mat
8' round
Surface area of mat
54 sq ft
Structural load capacity
838 lbs
Height of mat above ground
2.6 ft
Height of FlexiNet above mat
5 ft
Total height
7.5 ft
Model number
built to last. built for life. Springfree's ten year world-class warranty covers every inch of the trampoline. From net to frame to mat - it's covered. Guaranteed. You're gonna love your new trampoline.